Product Description

This sexy and naughty celebration cake will easily carry you through to the end of your bachelor party! On this cake, one bare booby is waiting for you to nibble on it, while the other is covered by a black lace bra. Notice how an erect nipple pops out! We can customize the design, Maybe you would like the skin tone a little darker and dark nipples, No Problem. If you did that then I think it would be better you use a lighter color frosting like maybe orange for the lace to look more eye catching. At Erotic Baking, your wish is our command. Just show us a couple pictures of some erotic cakes and we can make a hybrid design for your own one of a kind custom erotic cake.
No one takes erotic novelty cake designs more serious than us! We love baking boob cakes , so just give us a call and let us know what type of celebration you are having and maybe our expertise will help you pick out a design.