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Need a great gift for a bachelorette of birthday party? Looking for that unique centerpiece to make it a celebration that everyone will remember? Having a hard time finding an appropriate idea for a cake ?

A Penis cake is a great cake idea for that special someone. Not only will it bring smiles to the party but they also taste amazing! We are a gourmet cake shop and offer many different flavors and filling combinations. We have been creating erotic cakes for New York area for 7 years! Take a look at our Yelp Reviews and Google Reviews, No one takes Penis Cakes more serious than Erotic Baking!

At the Erotic Baking website:

  • You can order a custom penis cake in just a few clicks.
  • You can customize the cake right on the order form.
  • Add semen? Remove pubic hair? Change skin tone? No problem!
  • Select the day and time you would like to pick up your penis cake at our New York location.
  • Select Delivery Location (Manhattan,Queens,Brooklyn,Bronx or Long Island) and the time frame.

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Want a different penis cake design? No problem, Just use our request form and describe your perfect penis cake. Our customers usually inquire about our

You amazing penis cake awaits. Just fill out our order form to confirm the order. A customer service agent will send you an e-mail shortly after to confirm the details of the order.

Please only order a delivery if you are within Manhattan , Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Long Island.

 Contact us before ordering  if your order is needed in the next 72 hours.
This super naughty adult novelty cake will leave your guests in screams of laughter. The realistic design of the penis, complete with ‘creamy’ topping will taste as good as it looks! Available in different skin tones and delivered fresh to your door.

Penis cakes have become a staple at bachelorette parties. Everyone knows just how much fun cakes in the shape of penises can be. is one of the premiere sources for erotic cakes and pastries in the United States. They’ve been baking penis, boob, and ass cakes for years and the quality of their work shows! They are well established as one of America’s premiere erotic bakers and are known for making memorable, remarkable penis cakes and pastries. Interestingly enough however, not everyone knows that penis cakes can also have a twist to them. is proud to feature ejaculating penis cakes! These naughty cakes shoot cream or custard ejaculate when they’re pressed. For those of us looking for a little extra dose of raunchy to the party, ejaculating penis cakes definitely make quite a statement. The guests simply apply pressure to the balls and the delicious custard comes shooting out of the head! These “custard launchers” are fun, outrageous novelties that are guaranteed to get the attention of every party guest at your function. What party would be complete without cake? Also, what bachelorette party would be complete without a penis cake?? Erotic Baking specializes in crafting beautiful, sexy custom penis cakes for bachelorette or birthday parties. They have years of experience hand crafting delicious, one of a kind penis cakes using any flavor the customer chooses. Ordering their cakes online has never been easier. Those interested in having a unique, sexy penis cake made are encouraged to contact the artists at for a personal consultation. The bakers will discuss all of the intricate details of the penis cake, such as size, shape, color, flavor and so on. Cake flavors include white, chocolate, red velvet and delicious marble. Fillings range from mixed fruit, cannoli, German chocolate, buttercream, caramel, vanilla cream, fudge and cream cheese. With so many choices in cake and flavor combinations, it’s easy to see why Erotic Baking makes incredible penis cakes. invites anyone curious about penis cakes or other erotic edible art to contact them at any time to discuss how they can help make your bridal shower, bachelorette party or birthday more memorable. In no time, they will bake and deliver to you a remarkable piece of edible (and very naughty) art.