Celebrities are just like us in many, many ways. They have homes, they go to the doctor, the grocery shop, and they give their boyfriend’s penis cakes for their birthday. Okay, so that last one is not so much like us.

Miley’s Penis Cake

For her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth’s, 22nd birthday, Miley Cyrus surprised him with a large, black cock cake (just what every man wants right?). Her heart might have been in the right place, but the sentiments was ultimately lost when she simulated oral sex on the cake.

When the pictures circulated, Cyrus was embarrassed, according to sources. Being young, the whole “foresight” think must not have kicked in yet. Hemsworth calmed her down, ever playing “the loving boyfriend.”

It seems Cyrus and Hemsworth were not the only ones drawn to the massive birthday bash. Nearly 50 years old, Demi Moore was a gate crasher. Nothing says “I’m still young and fabulous” like attending a party with your daughters friends. This was just over a week before Moore was rushed to the hospital following an unexpected collapse in her home.

Miley may have started a trend in Hollywood, as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, Kylie Jenner celebrated her sweet 17 with what else…. a penis cake. Jenner wasn’t alone at her party, she was surrounded by older, drinking-age “homies” The Game, Tyga, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

A big uproar was caused when video circulated showing Tyga handing Jenner what looks suspiciously like an alcoholic drink right as he shouts out “Shots!”

The video shows an upright, large dick cake on the table as Jenner dances on a table, always the star. Her older sister was there, so it is possible that Jenner wasn’t taking shots with everyone else. She tweeted later that the best part of her birthday was when Justin sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.

Kylie’s Penis Cake

It really takes a man who is secure with his own sexuality to not only order a penis cake for his birthday, but also to get it placed on a golden platter. Johnny Greenwood, best known as part of the band Radiohead, celebrated his 42nd birthday with a chocolaty cock delight.
Unlike Cyrus and Jenner who were going for shock value, Greenwood had his cake as a tribute to the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. This was later confirmed in a tweet made by Greenwood in which he said “In homage to Larry, Jeff & Funkhauser, an erotic birthday cake from Lucie and @huntingowls. Next a cub marathon!”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Penis Cake Clip

The original thought going through reporter and paparazzi minds was that this was probably some practical joke by Ms. Cyrus, or even worse, a twisted tribute to her. Luckily though, she did not invent the penis cake and other may use it freely without it being attributed to her.


Not all celebrities make front the front page when they get erotic cakes, be it for a birthday or just for fun. On the Yelp page of a place called Cake & Art on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, we see that more than a few celebs have gotten the auspicious penis creation for their birthdays.

Daniel Tosh, aka Tosh.0, known for his hilarious cementation of videos where people hurt themselves through acts of stupidity, is one such recipient. Maybe it is because of the nature of what he does or the fact that he is a grown man with a wicked sense of humor or even that he doesn’t spend every minute of every day recklessly saying “look at me, look at me,” that has kept his penis… cake out of the press.


The next, not at all shocking recipient of an erotic cake was the cast of Jackass. How could anyone be shocked? These guys have hooked car batteries to their balls. They have pulled on, smashed, kicked, stretch, burned, and even rub chili sauce on their own penis’ so, why not a cake?

The main difference here is that the cast of Jackass did not eat the cake. No, that would be much to simple. Instead, they offered it up as a sacrifice. The last one to remove the electrical voltage from their penis got to smash the confectionary cock creation. The contest was over relatively quickly.


Not quite sure if she is more well known for her work on the Parks and Rec or for photo-bombing Hillary Clinton, but Aubrey Plaza is not one to shy away from a penis cake. She reported to Conan that aside from the photo bomb of Clinton, one of her most endearing moments is a weekend of bachelorette filled fun, complete with a dirty dick cake.

While the cake was never shown on Conan, it was presumed to be to risqué…. it will be shown here:

How’s that for realism!?


It seems that the penis cake that was once reserved for bachelorette parties, baby showers, and private intimate occasions is finding new life in the every day-to-day. There is no telling where the next one of these luscious cakes will pop its head in (pun intended), but one thing is for certain, they are not going anywhere.