Bachelorette Penis Cakes

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Funny Or Die – How to send a Penis Cake to the Indiana Governor

How to send a penis cake to the homophobic governor of Indiana:— Funny Or Die (@funnyordie) April 1, 2015

Erotic Baking Cartoon Courtesy Of Abby Denson

Courtesy of Abby Denson / Interview with Erotic Baking on City Sweet Tooth

Snooki’s Gift to J-Wow , A Vagina Cake Pushing out a Babies Head

Snooki’s Vagina Cake for J-Wow’s Baby Shower

If you think Christina Aguilera’s baby shower cake that depicted a woman giving birth was impressive you need to take a look at the awesome vagina cake Nicole Polizza, “Snooki” made for Jwoww’s baby shower this week on the TV reality series Snooki And Jwoww.

Snooki & Jwoww airs on MTV and is described by […]

Thank You Erotic Baking

Thank You Erotic Baking

My sister Dawn was turning twenty-one and I wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party. I got together with some of her friends and mine and we decided to get her a big penis cake for her birthday bash. I of course was enlisted to find a bakery and place an order for a penis cake […]