Why You Should Consider Having An Adult Party

If you’re planning a party and your attendance will be all adults then you should consider having an adult party with an adult themed cake. Remember when you were a kid and you got a hot wheels or a Barbie cake for your birthday? Do you recall how great those cakes made you feel? Do you remember your first impression of them? An adult themed cake can make you feel the same way. Adult themed cakes at Erotic Baking are made by expert pastry artists who specialize in great tasting, eye pleasing masterpieces.

Set your birthday bash of with an adult themed penis cake for Sarah, who is turning twenty-one today or send Bob a custom boob cake to set the mood for his epic twenty-fourth. Adult themed cakes are great for milestone birthdays like thirty, forty and fifty. Whether you throw an adult themed party for a single friend or one who is happily married, an adult themed cake is sure to be a hit. Custom adult themed cakes not only look great, they taste great too. There are a number of cake flavors, fillings and icing flavors to choose from. Customize an adult themed cake for an awesome birthday bash.


An adult themed cake for an anniversary party can set a spicy mood for the attendees. Erotic cakes in busty babe or extra large penis can be just the thing for an old married couple on their twentieth or more anniversary. The spice of life never fades and you can bring it back with a sexy adult themed cake for a great adult oriented evening.

Office Party
Having an office party and don’t want it to be the same boring event it can often be? Consider an adult themed cake. Adult themed cakes can be made to handle large crowds and an adult themed cake is sure to raise some eyebrows at your office event. Be sure to get the okay on this one because there’s no telling where you might end up after an adult themed party.

Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party
A bachelor and bachelorette party might be your last night to toss your inhibitions to the wind and have one last wild night with friends before tying the knot and beginning your new life with your chosen mate. Spend that last night at an adult themed party with a busty boob or big penis cake and have a great time with your friends.

Whatever your choice of entertainment an adult themed cake is likely to fit right in. Your friends will love the adult theme cake design and the flavors will blow your mind. Adult themed cakes are perfect for bachelor parties and are sure to make your last night of being single more than memorable.

All Adults In Attendance

Anytime you are planning a party that will be all adults in attendance is a good time to throw an adult themed party with a custom baked adult themed cake. Adult themed cakes are more attractive than you might think, and the popularity of them is undeniable. An adult themed big penis, busty boob or sexy vagina cake can be exactly what you need to get your party started.