Snooki’s Vagina Cake for J-Wow’s Baby Shower


If you think Christina Aguilera’s baby shower cake that depicted a woman giving birth was impressive you need to take a look at the awesome vagina cake Nicole Polizza, “Snooki” made for Jwoww’s baby shower this week on the TV reality series Snooki And Jwoww.

Snooki & Jwoww airs on MTV and is described by the cast as a modern day Laverne and Shirley. Their reality series is a spin off of the hit series Jersey Shore on which Nicole “Snooki” Polizza and Jennifer “Jwoww” Farley previously gained fame. The series focuses on them living in an old firehouse in Jersey City, New Jersey during Jwoww’s “Jenni Farley’s” pregnancy.

In this week’s episode of Snooki & Jwoww, Snooki planned a surprise theme party for her best friend Jenni and baked two cakes for her baby shower that simulated the miracle of life. Snooki explained that they were push cakes. The cakes were her way of encouraging Jenni to push, push, push, the baby out. Snooki took to twitter with pictures and tweeted “How dope are my cakes for @JENNIWOWW ‘a babyshower?!”

One cake was decorated with a Barbie doll, legs spread wide with a tiny head poking out and the encouraging words, “Push Jenny Push!!” This one was much easier to make than the second cake. The second cake was a bit more detailed, and took a little more work to put together.

It was a pink, fluffy vagina cake with a baby doll head in the center of it. The pint sized Snooki said she used cherries around the baby doll head that she had placed in the center of the cakes fruity opening to simulate the blood and the placenta when the baby comes out.

Chocolate sprinkles were then generously used as simulated pubic hair and Snooki even made a chocolate frosting butt-hole to complete the vagina cake creation. Snooki then sprinkled the vagina cake’s chocolate frosting butt-hole because she didn’t know if Jwowws was hairy or not. That was a piece of information Snooki could have kept to herself.

The vagina cake has received mixed reviews. Of course, some people like it and others don’t. Snooki couldn’t be prouder of her handiwork and Jenni “Jwoww” seemed to enjoy it.

If you like this vagina cake you might consider an adult themed party with a cake to match. Cakes can be purchased in a variety of adult themes including busty boob, vagina, big penis and other naughty designs.

Leave the kids at home and enjoy an adult themed party with a lavish creme filled vagina, busty boob or big penis cake with fluffy, custom frosting.

Sounds yummy doesn’t it?