Thank You Erotic Baking

My sister Dawn was turning twenty-one and I wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party. I got together with some of her friends and mine and we decided to get her a big penis cake for her birthday bash. I of course was enlisted to find a bakery and place an order for a penis cake that could be delivered to the location of the party.

Now the first thing was, I wasn’t really very excited about being the one to order the penis cake and honestly, I was a bit nervous about calling bakery’s to see if they would even make something like that. After a little searching though I found the Erotic Bakery. They assured me that they could bake a cake that was exactly what I needed. Erotic Baking also had discreet ordering and delivery options that made me feel a little better about ordering a big penis cake.

I chose a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and coconut filling. Who knew a penis cake could be so extravagant? I relayed to the girls who were helping me with my sister’s party that I had indeed ordered the cake and that it would arrive shortly before the party would start. They questioned whether or not the delivery would take place on time, but as I had spoken to the bakery myself, I wasn’t at all worried.

After waiting the two weeks until the night of Dawn’s birthday party I arrived early at the building we rented for the evening’s event. The guest list was bigger than we expected. Luckily the cake I ordered was still large enough for the expected crowd. When the big penis cake finally arrived it came in a plain white box. I wasn’t sure what to expect and wanting to get a look at the cake, the girls and I that were setting up for the event took a look and wow. The cake was awesome. It looked way better than I expected, although to tell the truth, I’m not sure what I expected.

The girls all loved the cake and said they thought my sister was going to really like it. Once we got everything all set up I left to go run some errands and pick my sister up for the mystery event. Dawn already knew I was bringing her to a birthday party, but she had no idea the scope of the party we had planned and prepared for her.

There was live music and dancing, a champagne fountain and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. All of her friends and mine had arrived and many brought dates or guests. The party was a huge success and the big penis cake was the center of attention. It looked awesome and tasted even better. My sister had an awesome birthday celebration.

Thanks Erotic baking for making my sister’s birthday a huge success and thanks for saving me the public embarrassment of buying a big penis cake with your discreet ordering and delivery service.