All over the country, perhaps even throughout the world, baby showers are taken over by blue and pink stork cakes, rattles, cribs, diaper cakes, the list goes on and on. While the tradition goes to celebrate the entrance of a new little bundle of joy, someone needs to ask… what about the mother to be? These cakes congratulate the soon to be mommy on the miracle of birth, they also remind the mommy of what is about to come.


#1 SURPRISE! I’M HERE! While the baby will not be likely a smiling, silent little one. This cake found a sophisticated way to display the bloody mess using delectable and delicious strawberries. The chocolate sprinkles are a nice touch and might help the soon-to-be mommy feel less self conscious about not having shaved for several months.



#2- A fully exposed vagina cake isn’t quite right for that friend who is a bit on the conservative side. This cake gets the point across without being an up close vah jay jay experience. Out of the cakes on this page, the newborn has more realism than the rest, at least as far as the baby is concerned. It’s eyes are closed as it struggles fully to life. The baby about to be born looks very much like those 3D ultrasounds.



#3- The crowning head coming from pregnant, swollen belly is a view of child bearing that only the doctor usually sees. The proportions may be a bit (ok a lot) off, but this cake makes the process seem a little less frightening, especially for a first time mother.



#4- If only babies were really this small in relationship to the birthing passage… sigh. Nevertheless this cake is large enough for a party of all your “besties.” This cake gets bonus points for the concentrically laid circle of brown sugar, chocolate sprinkles, or whatever says pubic hair to you.



#5- This cake is barely noticeable as a vagina, with the surrounding strawberries and the red velvet core. One plus about this cake, there is less likely to be any qualms about cutting into it. The simple design is close enough to a vagina that everyone knows what it means, but still appropriate for the prudish in a group.



These cakes are fun and will suit a variety of tastes. If the baby shower comprises mostly your sexually ambiguous friends, then there is little need to worry about how accurately the vagina is portrayed. If, on the other hand, there will be family members, friends from church, or even kids, it may be a good idea to go with less realism. That way, your less open minded associates don’t get squeamish.

The amount of “blood” really depends on if the mother-to-be is nervous or not. An over abundance of the strawberry (or cherry) could take a happy moment and really make the pregnant woman nervous. After all, the point of a party is it’s supposed to be fun.