Top Ten Reasons to Make Erotic Cakes a part of your life


The world is full of reasons to have cake; weddings, anniversaries, divorces, and the classic birthday variety. These are often times of celebration and making a cake for your friends to help them celebrate a momentous occasion should be fun . So when you get called to make a cake for your 100th friends baby shower or that friend who is about to hit wedding number 5, fret not, have fun with it and make them a cake they will never forget. Then, find a reason to make these cakes and watch the laughs leave your friends lungs. These ten ideas will liven up any party and still manage to taste phenomenal. A word of warning though, some are so nice you may forget their edible.



#10 Realism


Erotic Cake

A Erotic Cake in the form of a vagina is just the extra touch you need to light up any party!

This cake is not only edible, it is also anatomically correct, right down to the clitoris. Note the presence of labia minora and labia majora (sometimes called the inner and outer lips), the anus, and, if you are so inclined, the presence of sugary nectar (aka cum). If all else fails, it’s one heck of a way to teach the man in your life about the intricacies of the female anatomy.

#9 Formal


Presidential Pussy

Who says that a black tie affair has to be boring? Make a statement, and start endless conversations with a cake that speaks for itself. So what if your boss has a yacht, you have an exceptional sense of humor and the kind of flair that simply can’t be taught. Delight in watching to see who the first person to slice into this cake will be. This cheesecake will be too good for even the most prudish to resist.

#8 Suggestive


Licking those chops

Is that saliva

There is more to eroticism than t & a. This cake is wildly an erotic cake while leaving so much to the imagination. Immediately a bachelor party comes to mine, but think about that friend with waaaaay to many kids, the one who could have swallowed… or the woman about to walk down the aisle, one cock ’til death (or divorce) does she part…. the possibilities might truly be endless.

#7 Threesome


Mary and the boys.

Hellooooo Mary!!

More people should really celebrate their first three-some, whether its two men and one woman or vice-versa, many people make it through their whole lives without ever having a ménage-a-triose. There is a very short window, between high-school and marriage, where the opportunity exists for most people to engage multiple partners at once. At very least, the cake should help with the hangover.

#6 Tatted


Hairy pussy cake

Bearded Clam

There is possibly no better party favor than a tattooed vagina, even as a cake it is sure to excite the masses. The tat can be one that the future bride possesses, a fantasy (like a star wars logo), something funny, kinky, really whatever fits the situation. This one made the list because the golden hue makes it look like a much sought after trophy… what every vagina should be.

#5 Just Because


Blunt Cakes

That’s why I married you.

Why should it be the married, pregnant, aging, and sexually adventurous people who get all the cake? This cake could celebrates having a vagina, having multiple orgasms, and all thing female in four little words. It’s like finding your inner roar, in yummy cake form. This cake could also work for that man who just completed his/her long awaited sex change.

#4 Bountiful


Bounty Boobie

Lets give thanks!

These ta-tas are a truly terrific way to congratulate a friend on her successful breast augmentation, reduction or lift. This cake can also serve as a stunning center piece for a friend who is breast cancer free, a bachelor, or even a “breast” wishes cake for that lesbian couple who can finally get married. If you are using this to celebrate the birthday of that guy in your life who is all about the boobs, save him from therapy by not having them look like his mom’s.

#3 Doggie Style


Modern Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake topper?

This cake works well for a guy or a girl, anyone who goes beyond the missionary sexual position. And, truly, this is what most people want for their birthday anyway (the sex, not the cake) so rev up your lover’s libido and have them thinking about all the dirty things they have waiting for them, once the party is over and the lights go off.

#2 Truth in Advertising


Honeymoon Cake


FINALLY! A wedding cake that follows those truth in labeling laws and gets down to the business behind the wedding. With all of the millions of happy couple cake toppers, where the bride and groom stand happily atop the cake, this one certainly speaks for itself. Hopefully the bride and groom have a good sense of humor, but even if they didn’t, this would make anyone smile.

#1 Lost Virginity


This milestone cake is no different

Milestones need a cake!

Celebrating the first time someone has sex may seem taboo in the Western world, but all over the world people celebrate this milestone. It doesn’t have to be limited to the first time either, go ahead celebrate ending your dry spell. Welcome yourself back into the libido driven world and invite friends to come too. Promoting safe sex is an alternative, albeit a controversial one, to preaching no-sex. Getting kids to listen is difficult, how many times did YOU listen to your parents while you were growing up? This cake basically says “Only you can decide if you’re ready, at least you used protection.”

With all the unpleasant things in the world, taking time to find the lighter side, and maybe even have fun, can be a life changing experience. Any day can be celebrated, and a cake is just the ticket to getting all your friends over to celebrate with you. Glass of wine, slice of erotic cake, a few games of truth-or-dare and it’s a party no one will soon forget. Learn a lesson from these cakes… grab life by the balls and dig in.